Silence by Annette Greenaway

Top news for fans of Annette Greenaway’s remarkable poetry collection, The Joy of Atheism.  Annette’s poem Silence has been set to music by New American Voices, a performance of which can be seen here:


The Words:



I have decided that I will spend the next year silent.

I will not speak or write another word.

I will recycle my phone and my laptop.

I will carry a set of cards with me wherever I go.

One of the cards will say, “Yes.” Another will say, “No.”

Another will say, “Two sugars please.”

One will say, “I adore your shoes.”

One will say, “Apologies. I am spending the year silent, And cannot respond to your query at this time.”

One will be a picture of a flower.

One will say, “Good people don’t kill people.”

One will say, “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.”

One will say, “No explanation required.”

One will say, “Insert amusing anecdote here.”

One will say, “I love you.”

Two of the cards will say, “I disagree entirely with your last statement.”

One will be written in lower case, and the other in block capitals.

One will say, “Sex please.”

One will say, “OK, you can stop now.”

One will say, “It’s your turn.”

One will say, “I’m sorry.”

One will say, “I’m terribly sorry.”

One will say, “Why?”

One will be completely blank, and I will hold this card against my face,

Matching my expression.
You may think I am doing this because I am unhappy,

And I want to wallow in my own misery,

But I’m looking forward to being wordless.

I have a feeling it’s going to be twelve months

Of uninterrupted joy.



New stuff by Philistine authors

So, here’s what’s going on with some Philistine authors at the moment …

Richard Britton (The Birth of Taliesin the Bard / Words From The Sky) has launched a new online publisher, Icarus Books (, specialising in narrative poetry. Submissions are open now – visit the website for details. Very exciting!

Secondly, Gaurav Monga is currently involved in a project run by Conflictorium Museum of Conflict (, which is currently seeking submissions of work themed around the relationship between text and image:

call for submission-20151125-093703471

Finally, Lochlan Bloom (Ambi and Anspi) has a new novel, The Wave, due to be published soon by Dead Ink Books. I’ve had the pleasure of reading the novel, and I can confirm it’s a truly original piece of work.

An extract can be read here.


Interview – Lochlan Bloom

Lochlan’s short story collection, Ambi & Anspi and Other Stories can be downloaded for free from For information on Lochlan’s other stuff, visit

 Lochlan Bloom


Who are Ambi and Anspi?

Ambi and Anspi are names dreamt up by a small girl trying to understand a world that is too strange for her to fully comprehend.

Who are your influences?

I’ve always been interested in fiction that that attempts to describe things that are somehow ‘beyond’ the everyday world we know. One of the most powerful uses of fiction for me is to allow us to grasp at something deeper when we describe events and as such its often as little as a line or a paragraph that makes all the difference. A few authors that can achieve that sense for me are:  Kazuo Ishiguro, Paul Auster, David Lindsay, Franz Kafka, Michel Houllebeq, Christopher Priest.

How would you describe your writing process? 

Keep banging my head against the keys until something feels like it’s working its way out.

Your short story, Metamorphosis, retells the famous Kafka tale from a different perspective. Do you think readers need to be familiar with Kafka in order to appreciate the story? 

I would hope it stands on its own but I would also encourage anyone to read Kafka if they have not already….

Are you working on anything new at the moment?

I am but it’s under wraps for the moment.

How do you feel about non-profit publishing?

I think any author’s first aim should be writing something that they are proud of and that connects with readers. As such non-profit publishing is an excellent way to get your work out there but having said that if anyone wants to write me a cheque, I’m not going to stop them 🙂

New ebook – Ambi & Anpsi and Other Stories by Lochlan Bloom


First of all, it’s great to be launching a new book through Philistine Press – our first in over a year. It’s a short story collection by the hugely talented Lochlan Bloom.  

Ambi & Anspi and Other Stories is described as: “Six starting stories, blending everyday life with horror, suspense and a touch of Kafka.”

Download it for free here.