Review – Gods Without Men (the audiobook) by Hari Kunzru 


Gods Without Men is a strange and wonderful book. But don’t take my word for it – take Douglas Coupland’s (which goes as far as coining a new literary term, Translit). 

In my view, the importance Coupland attaches to Kunzru’s work is entirely justified. 

My only PS is that it’s well worth tracking down the audiobook version. It’s very well produced, with its contrasting narrative strands performed by six ideally-suited voices. 
Great book, great recording. 

New ebook – Ambi & Anpsi and Other Stories by Lochlan Bloom


First of all, it’s great to be launching a new book through Philistine Press – our first in over a year. It’s a short story collection by the hugely talented Lochlan Bloom.  

Ambi & Anspi and Other Stories is described as: “Six starting stories, blending everyday life with horror, suspense and a touch of Kafka.”

Download it for free here.